Jamie and I are developing our businesses & clients - we are doing so to support our family and to pursue the two areas of focus that God has spoken to us about. Here's a quick update about what that currently looks like:

  • NATE is doing freelance graphic & web design, communications, CRM, and consulting, with some woodworking on the side ;) If you or someone you know is in need of any of his services, don't hesitate to get in touch with him! He is particularly skilled in small business / organizational needs, and is used to wearing a lot of hats - often needed in small entities.
  • JAMIE is developing her textile artwork business, Prophet Gypsy Robot, and is learning a lot about making, selling, and industry relationships. She is selling to individuals but also wholesaling and doing commission work for interior designers. If you have any industry connections, please let her know.
  • We BOTH are collaborating with a few friends on Kin City Podcast, a twice-monthly podcast where we are listening to and learning from Chicagoland voices, particularly seeking to build bridge across lines of race, class and gender (Gal 3:28), which often divide us (and certainly divide Chicago's landscape).
  • NATE is also continuing to work with Pray Chicago, and is raising support to be able to invest his time in upholding much of the communications work and planning that goes into the city-wide prayer, streets actions, and church collaboration.